The Story of Pot d’Huile

“It starts with Olive Oil”

For thousands of years, Olive Oil has linked food, wellness, and community, and memorable experience. Olive Oil brings family, friends, and strangers together around a table. From the breaking of bread, to the cooking of entrees, to the finishing drizzle on a dessert, Olive Oil enriches every phase of a meal.

“From Italy to California”

Our organic, first cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is harvested from small family farms in California, and sourced by one of America’s most renowned olive oil makers and tasters, co-owner Kathryn Tomajan.

Kathryn trained at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy. She earned a Master’s degree in food culture with a thesis that explored the opportunities and challenges of New World Olive Oil. After Italy, Kathryn spent two seasons milling in Victoria, Australia, and her oils were recognized as the Best of Show at Olive Japan. Kathryn was elected to the California Olive Oil Council’s Board of Directors and currently serves on the California Olive Oil Sensory Panel to taste, grade, and certify extra virgin olive oils.

Kathryn joined Pot d’Huile due to a shared ethos and commitment to quality, community, and healthy living.

“Bringing Nature into the Home”

Our core product, Pot d’Huile, is an infused olive oil, available in both high and low concentrations. It is the premiere solution for both culinary professionals and home cooks seeking precision dosing and flavor neutrality.

By using our Olive Oil as the base ingredient, Pot d’Huile is collaborating with the leaders of a new artisan movement at the intersection of farming, food, and wellbeing. Through our partnerships with the most creative and dynamic talent in the nation, we offer a portfolio of products that bring a luxury experience to those who seek it.

Our current collaborations range from a chef with Three-Michelin Stars to up and coming artists at the buzziest spots in Brooklyn.  Every Pot d’Huile creation has been designed and handcrafted by experts in the culinary world.

“Gathering Around the Table”

In addition to our line of gourmet products, Pot d’Huile offers a truly immersive experience. Inventive recipes and bespoke dinners represent just some of the pillars that make Pot d’Huile a vibrant community. Our private events have included a black-tie masquerade in Manhattan; a sunset feast in Palo Alto; and a candlelit dinner at a Hollywood Chateaux. At over a dozen occasions, we have gathered a loyal following from all walks of life that connect at the table over gourmet food, outstanding wine, and rich conversation.

Welcome to the world of Pot d’Huile.