Get to Know Pot d’Huile


Olive oil plays a big part in our daily lives, and we couldn’t think of a better vehicle for people to explore and enjoy consuming measured doses of CBD—so we set out to make the finest hemp-infused olive oil on the market.

We also live to dine out (we totally travel to places just to eat), and as we introduced many of our chef friends to Pot d’Huile, they were inspired to infuse some of their own special sauces and products with our CBD olive oil, so we took things to the next level. Like our chef and culinary collaborators, we are committed to high-quality ingredients, top-notch sourcing, and are always in pursuit of great flavor.

We developed our CBD-only line of premium products so anyone can enjoy them, across the country.* We hope you enjoy browsing our virtual shelves and getting to know our entire collection better—we’d be thrilled to be part of your pantry, and claim a special place in your fridge. Thanks for introducing us to your friends, we made sure we look good.

*except for Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota, sorry folks.