Anthony Falco’s Vegan Sicilian Trapanese Grandma Pizza


  • 250 grams (8 oz) unsalted almonds, toasted
  • 500 grams (16 oz) cherry tomatoes
  • 100 grams (6 oz) canned tomatoes, drained
  • 60 grams (3 oz) basil
  • 3 grams (1 tbsp) mint
  • 20 grams garlic (about 7 cloves)
  • 8 grams salt
  • 175 grams CBD extra-virgin olive oil


Prepare ingredients by picking herbs, washing and drying thoroughly. Peel garlic, and gently toast almonds in an oven at 350f for 2 min. Drain canned tomatoes and wash and remove the stems of the cherry tomatoes.

In a pestle and mortar

  1. Chop almonds into large chunks, and then add to mortar, grind into a rough paste.
  2. Add the garlic and grind into the almond paste
  3. Add the salt and herbs continue to grind
  4. Hand crush tomatoes, and fold pesto and CBD olive oil together
  5. Adjust seasoning to taste

In a blender or Cuisinart

  1. Combine the almonds, cherry tomatoes, canned tomatoes, basil, mint, garlic, and salt in a blender or food processor and process until the nuts are pea-sized.
  2. Continue to blend while slowly incorporating the CBD olive oil until the paste is emulsified, but not completely smooth. Taste and adjust seasoning, transfer to a container and refrigerate until ready to use (up to 1 week).

Sicilian Grandma Dough Recipe

  • 1000 grams [ 8 cups ]  of flour (90% high protein or bread flour and 10% freshly milled whole grain or whole wheat flour)
  • 720 [ 2 ¾ cups ]  grams of cold water (65f)
  • 150 grams [ ¾ cup ] of sourdough starter or commercial yeast preferment; biga, sponge, or poolish (room temp 3-12 hours after feeding)
  • 60 grams [ 5 tbsp ] of CBD olive oil
  • 30 grams [ 2 tbsp ] of sea salt

Preferment instructions (aka biga, sponge, poolish)

  • 80 grams [½ cup] high protein or bread flour
  • 70 grams [ 6 tbsp] water
  • 0.5 gram [¼ teaspoon]  instant yeast

In a bowl add room temperature water and instant yeast, mix together until dissolved. Add flour and mix vigorously until it completely comes together. Cover bowl and allow to sit at room temperature. Use anywhere from 3-15 hours before making pizza dough, as a substitute for sourdough starter.

Bakers Percentages

  • 100% flour
  • 72% water
  • 15% starter
  • 6% extra virgin olive oil
  • 3% sea salt


  1. Weigh out all ingredients in separate containers
  2. Combine flours and salt in a large bowl
  3.  Combine water, starter and CBD olive oil in another large bowl
  4. Create a crater in the flour and pour all liquids in the center
  5. Begin mixing with just one hand in the center, until the dough all comes together into one ball of dough. When the ball has just come together and the bowl is clean, stop mixing and cover the bowl with plastic wrap.
  6. Rest for 30 mins
  7. Mix the dough with repeated stretch and folds about 10 min.
  8. Transfer dough to a lightly oiled container with a lid, like a bus tub, stretch and fold every 30 min for 2 hours.
  9. est at room temp overnight 14-20 hours
  10. Remove ball of dough and portion into 600-850 gram dough balls, smaller ball sizes for thinner more Grandma type pizzas, larger for more thick crust NY Sicilian style
  11. Oil half sheet pans and place each dough ball in the center of a pan, shaping it into a football type shape, and cover, let rest for 2 hours
  12. After dough has relaxed, press out to the edges of the pan and allow to rise at room temp for 3 hours covered.
  13. Preheat oven with baking stones to 450f
  14. Remove cover, top the pizza pizza with CBD olive oil and sea salt and bake for 25-30 min
  15. Remove the pizza from pan with an offset spatula and onto a cooling rack,
  16. Spread Trapanese pesto over the entire crust evenly, garnish by sprinkling with breadcrumbs, torn leaves of fresh mint, torn leaves of fresh basil, and more CBD olive oil.