What Is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, and is one of the many compounds secreted by hemp (and cannabis) plants called a phytocannabinoid. The hemp plant reportedly has upwards of 80+cannabinoids. CBD is associated with medicinal and healing properties. CBD and other cannabinoids are being isolated, researched, and closely studied—and what we’re seeing so far is very exciting, hopeful, and incredibly fascinating, but we still have a lot to discover and learn.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD may help to reduce anxiety, stress, insomnia, pain, inflammation, and support our endocannabinoid system.

The FDA has not approved use of CBD in food or permit medicinal claims. Please ask your doctor and conduct your own research to determine if CBD may benefit you.

Will CBD get me high?

CBD is not THC. CBD is known for being very subtle and non-intoxicating, although some people report a floaty or calm feeling from it. Some CBD users say it helps them feel more focused (and less anxious or scattered). A small percentage of people get activated by CBD, and can feel a little perky or alert. Everyone’s body (and endocannabinoid system) is different—some feel swift relief from CBD, while others feel nothing (it can take up to a month to start noticing benefits from daily CBD consumption, especially for pain relief). Dosage also matters: a small dose can have a different effect than a larger dose. It will take some experimentation and time to get a sense of how your body reacts and feels after consuming CBD. Do a deeper dive on CBD on Project CBD.

How much CBD should I take?

CBD is measured in milligrams. Any CBD product should list the potency per milligram, and superior products are lab-tested and show you the results for that batch. There isn’t a set dose or protocol, especially since everyone’s body (and response) is different, so plan on doing some experimentation. CBD products also have different levels of efficacy, based on whether they are full-spectrum or broad spectrum or isolate. (All Pot d’Huile products use full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD, which contains the most compounds from the plant and therefore has the most benefits, even at a low dose.)

The way you consume CBD will affect its bioavailability (efficacy/absorption into your bloodstream): some people use tinctures sublingually (under their tongue) for faster onset and greater bioavailability, while others consume CBD orally with food (or in a drink), which will ultimately have less bioavailability and a longer onset time due to the digestive process. Some studies have shown only 6–20 percent of CBD is absorbed after digestion.

Since Pot d’Huile products are consumed with food, you can do more CBD than you normally would. For example, each milliliter of Pot d’Huile 1:1 has 1mg of hemp CBD per 1ml, while the 4:1 has 4mg of CBD per 1ml. Since we’re in America and not metric, let’s clarify that a teaspoon is just shy of 5ml, so one teaspoon of the 1:1 will have 5mg of CBD, while the 4:1 will have 20mg of CBD. By the time you finish digesting that scoop of ice cream with a teaspoon of our olive oil on top, your body may only absorb a max of 20 percent, so 1mg or 4mg of CBD.

Since our CBD is full-spectrum, aiming for 5mg–10mg (after digestion) is a great place to start. Try a teaspoon (5ml)! Don’t be afraid of doing more, it won’t hurt you or get you high, but you may feel sleepy at a higher dose (10mg and up). The ultimate goal is to find your MED: minimum effective dose. It’s why our olive oil is particularly great to experiment with: you can see how you feel at different dosage levels.

As for Hot Sloth, it has 300mg CBD per 100ml bottle, so 1ml equals approximately 3mg of CBD, and one teaspoon (5ml) has around 15mg of CBD. You may not need that much hot sauce, and by the time you digest it, you’re looking at an absorption of 3mg of CBD or so.

Loud Grandma has 120mg CBD per 2 oz. jar (which is just shy of 60ml), so 1ml equals approximately 2mg of CBD, and one teaspoon (5ml) has around 10mg of CBD. Again, you may not use that much hot sauce, and by the time you digest it, you’re looking at an absorption of 2mg of CBD or so.

Why should I care about full-spectrum CBD?

We insist on using full-spectrum CBD because we want you to enjoy the benefits of all the additional minor cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes inherent in the plant, just as nature intended. It also means there are trace amounts of THC in our products, which is believed to help boost the efficacy and therapeutic effects of CBD (and any other cannabinoids present). It’s called “the entourage effect” since all these cannabinoids work synergistically together and this can affect how they interact with the receptors in your body. Many people report better results from using full-spectrum CBD, often at a much-lower dosage than CBD isolate or broad spectrum CBD.


Temperature guidance—avoid burning off CBD

Contrary to popular belief, olive oil is ideal for all types of cooking. Keep in mind that CBD breaks down at 314°F, so frying is out (just use it as a finishing oil when frying). We recommend using our olive oil at temps that are 300°F and below. You can bake at temperatures above 300°F, since the internal temperature of the baked good is what’s important—most baked goods don’t reach an internal temperature of 300°F.

If you’re worried about cooking off the CBD, just use it as a finishing oil instead (you will also enjoy the most flavor of the olive oil that way).

How do I measure the right dose per dish?

Before you start cooking, you need to decide how much CBD you want to consume. The easiest way is to just use our olive oil as a finishing oil and measure it out with a calibrated measuring spoon or cup. To incorporate into a recipe:

  • determine the dosage for the recipe
    • dosage per serving x servings per recipe
  • add the dosage for the recipe using our infused oil into a measuring cup
  • supplement any additional olive oil needed for your recipe with un-infused olive oil
  • mix the oils well together

* The amount of our oil that you use depends on which concentration you’re using.

Olive oil as an alternative to butter

Olive oil is a healthy substitute for butter. Here is a helpful conversion chart.

Butter or margarineOlive oil
one teaspoon3/4 teaspoon
one tablespoontwo and 1/4 teaspoons
two tablespoonsone and 1/2 tablespoons
1/4 cupthree tablespoons
1/3 cup1/4 cup
1/2 cup1/4 cup and 2 tablespoons
2/3 cup1/2 cup
3/4 cup1/2 cup and 2 tablespoons
1 cup3/4 cup

Do I need to know how to cook to use Pot d’Huile products?

Don’t worry—whether you’re a takeout boss, an accomplished home cook, or a professional chef, you’ll find ways to easily integrate Pot d’Huile products into your meals. Many people use our products as finishing oils and condiments, so if you can drizzle olive oil over burrata, spoon chili oil over your fried rice, or shake hot sauce onto some fried chicken, you’ll be a pro as soon as you open the bottle. But if you know your way around the kitchen, our olive oil definitely offers many potential uses and applications, whether you want to integrate it into a vinaigrette or bake an olive oil cake.


What does “extra virgin” mean?

Extra virgin olive oil is produced through natural crushing of olives without heat or chemicals to maintain the natural antioxidants, polyphenols, and flavors. The oil must also meet both chemical and sensory (taste and smell) standards in order to be classified as extra virgin. We use extra virgin olive oil in making our infused olive oil. Once olive oil is infused it is no longer extra virgin.

What is the difference between filtered and unfiltered extra virgin olive oil?

The olive oil extraction process will result in pulp and olive particles being present in the oil. Most olive oil is filtered to remove the sediment to prevent the oil from being cloudy and to extend shelf life. We prefer the taste of unfiltered olive oil. Pot d’Huile is made with unfiltered olive oil.

Why is my olive oil cloudy?

There are two reasons why your olive oil may be cloudy. One, we use unfiltered extra virgin olive oil which results in pulp and olive particles being present in the oil. Two, cold temperature will result in clear olive oil appearing cloudy. If the cloudiness is the result of reason #2, it will clear up at room temperature in about 48 hours.

What does cold-pressed mean?

Extra virgin olive oils may have marketing terms such as “first press,” “cold-pressed,” or “cold-extracted” on the labels, referring to the fact that extra virgin olive oil is produced by crushing the olives without adding any heat or using any chemicals.

How long is olive oil good for?

Check the best-by date and make sure to use the oil within a few months once the bottle is opened.

How is olive oil made?

Olive oil is basically the freshly pressed juice of an olive tree.

How should I store olive oil?

Avoid heat, air, and light to prolong the shelf life and maintain the quality of olive oil. Store olive oil in a dark, cool place and use the oil within a few months once opened.

What are the health benefits of olive oil?

Olive oil is recognized as part of a healthy diet by leading health and nutrition experts, the American Heart Association, and the Food and Drug Administration. Numerous studies have shown olive oil to have a positive impact on cardiovascular health, diabetes and metabolic conditions, reduction in cancer rates, and other common illnesses. Read more about olive oil science.


Can anyone take CBD?

Most adults can consume CBD safely, but if you take any prescription medications, CBD has the potential to interfere with some of them, so we recommend to check with your healthcare professional first. Here’s an article with more.

How do I know this CBD is safe?

We hold our CBD to the same exacting standards as our olive oil. We use full-spectrum CBD from hemp grown on licensed farms in the USA with USDA organic certifications. Every lot is tested for mycotoxins, pesticides, heavy metals, and THC compliance, with rigorous third-party testing, and our partner uses a safe solvent extraction process. With all the shady CBD flooding the international market, we demand transparency, tracking, and testing if we’re going to infuse it into our premium olive oil.

Do you lab test your products?

All products come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA). Additionally, we validate all of our products with third-party labs to ensure purity and consistency. If you would like to see our results, please supply us with the batch number or production date on your product and we will be happy to share them with you.

Are your products gluten free?

None of our products contain gluten. They are manufactured with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) practices.


Will this show up on a drug test?

Don’t lose your job. Since we use full-spectrum CBD, there are trace amounts of THC that could show up on a drug test.

To where do we ship in the U.S.? What about Alaska and Hawaii?

We can ship our CBD products within the United States, with the current exception of the states of Idaho, Nebraska and South Dakota—click here for more information for each state. For shipments to Alaska and Hawaii, please contact inquiries@potdhuile.com and we’ll send special shipment rates for your consideration.

Do we ship internationally?

Upon special request by email to inquiries@potdhuile.com, we ship internationally, but we will not issue a refund if the shipment is lost, or held by customs. The burden is on international consumers to research the legality of hemp-derived full-spectrum CBD in the destination country. Deliveries will be held at customs and not delivered if full-spectrum CBD is not lawful in the destination country.

Can I fly with your products?

All our hemp-derived CBD products are within the U.S. federal allowable amount of THC (with less than 0.3% THC), so you can take them across most state lines—but there are still some states where hemp-derived CBD is illegal, like Idaho, Nebraska and South Dakota. We encourage you to check with the laws of your destination if flying outside the U.S., and click here for more information for each U.S. state.

Keep in mind the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will only allow a maximum size of 3.4oz, so full bottles will not be permitted as a carry-on, and should be in your checked luggage.

Is this legal / Is this cannabis?

Our CBD products are not illegal and are not made with cannabis. All products on this website are made with hemp. Hemp legally grown under U.S. federal law must contain less than 0.3% THC. (By contrast, cannabis is federally illegal and typically has 20.0% THC or more.)