Coming Soon: Hot Sloth

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The Details
This Hot Sauce offers a perfect balance between umami, sweet and spicy. Made with natural ingredients, Hot Sloth inherits its bright pink color through the inclusion of Japanese Plum umeboshi. It retains its brilliance through a deliberately unique cold bottling process.

Suggested Use
Drizzle to add a dash of heat, zest, and spice.

Place of Origin
Chicago, IL

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3 reviews for Coming Soon: Hot Sloth

  1. Andrew J.

    Gorgeous olive oil and tastes fantastic. Really great to cook with. Excited to try new varieties!

  2. Jamie E.

    This is my favorite infused olive oil!! You can taste the quality and it goes well with everything. Do yourself a favor and try it! You’ll love it too.

  3. Kimberly Phipps-Nichol (verified owner)

    So wonderfully delicate. I made a Prosecco vinaigrette with it and my family loved it. Can’t wait to try it in other ways.

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