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Meet the chef
A hot sauce with this much flavor layering and complexity can only come from culinarians who really know their way around an international pantry. Chef Mike Bagale is the founder of Super Food Concepts, a culinary consulting firm that has him racking up the miles as he travels around the world. He was previously the Executive Chef at Alinea, and was there when they gained their third Michelin star (he’s the mad genius behind the famed edible balloon). His partner on Hot Sloth (and in life) is Kat Odell, a food journalist and entrepreneur behind the plant-based, food-and-drink brand Unicorn Foods (she is well-known for her years as the editor of Eater L.A.).

The flavor
As you can see, this hot sauce is a bird of a different feather, and it’s not just because it’s hot pink. It’s fruity, feisty, and a little funky-fermented, with a slightly exotic flavor profile that can transport you to a beachside BBQ in Costa Rica, or a street vendor’s cart in Singapore. It wants to be that hot sauce that haunts you, a taste memory that reminds you of a happy time and tropical place. But unlike that street vendor’s sauce, this one has a moderate heat that won’t overpower your palate (or make you sweat too much).

Think pink
Many food lovers will collect a variety of hot sauces, from one that’s vinegary to a smoky one to a habanero XXX blaster. But make some room for a special one: Hot Sloth, our magenta-hued hot sauce with some slow heat that will sneak up on you. (Oh, hi, there it is.) And how many of your hot sauces have CBD in them? Or pitaya? (Otherwise known as dragonfruit, which not only has an eye-catching bright pink color, but also comes loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C.) 

Hot Sloth is a tangy sauce with lightly fermented plum, the peppery kick of habanero, and a funky base note of umami from Japanese white miso paste. And, of course, there’s Pot d’Huile CBD olive oil in the mix, made with full-spectrum hemp extract and first cold-pressed, single-varietal, USDA-certified organic, extra virgin olive oil from small family farms in California, to be exact, which gives Hot Sloth a slightly silky body.

Since Hot Sloth has a tangy-fruity flavor profile, it offers a natural counterpoint to all your favorite cheesy things, from grilled cheese to quesadillas to mac and cheese. It’s also a good friend to fried chicken or French fries. And since the heat isn’t too assertive, it plays nice with breakfast scrambles and egg sandwiches.

Our collaborative products
All our collaborative products are  made with Pot d’Huile hemp CBD infused olive oil made with first cold-pressed, single-varietal, USDA-certified organic, extra virgin olive oil from small family farms in California.

We source our full-spectrum CBD from hemp grown on a farm that is currently seeking their USDA organic certification. Every lot is tested for mycotoxins, pesticides, heavy metals, and THC compliance, with rigorous third-party testing. Our partner uses a safe solvent extraction process. With all the shady CBD flooding the international market, we demand transparency, tracking, and testing if we’re going to infuse it into our premium olive oil.

Hot Sloth’s natural habitat is in your refrigerator. Please refrigerate after opening and shake well before using.

This product contains soy.