Pot d’Huile

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It’s stellar. For one thing, it tastes exactly the way good EVOO should.
If you're looking to make some food at the same time, Pot d'Huile will end up being your favorite olive oil, edible, and hangover cure all in one tablespoon.
It takes the guess work out of dosage: with them it’s a milligram per milliliter, and they’ve created a process that gets rid of those potent and off-putting flavors you’d probably get at home.
Several San Francisco chefs have already embraced Pot d’Huille, even though they can’t serve it during regular business hours—yet.
What could be more Northern Californian than a cannabis-infused olive oil?
This weed olive oil makes everything better. Even pizza.
This California grown olive oil is made up of 1 mg of THC per 1ml of olive oil and goes with damn near everything.
These weed infused tater tots will blow your mind … his tots are macerated in cannabis infused olive oil with chopped garlic and parsely, then tossed once more in the oil … a simple and fun easy way to enjoy PdH olive oil.
I was mainly impressed by the uncompromised flavors. The fact that it tasted good in addition to making me feel good was a definite bonus. I can see it enhancing dinner dates with my boyfriend and meals with friends, and I’m excited to start cooking with it at home!
The neutral-tasting oil is also perfect for culinary professionals, fueling a growing chefs’ movement into experimenting with cannabis cuisine.
All the top chefs swear by the THC olive oil Pot d’Huile.
Warning: this stuff is addictive.
Pot d’Huile’s organically grown, extra-virgin CBD olive oil is a product that you need in your kitchen.
Chef Martinez, who has made octopus carpaccio and crab tostadas with it, praises its consistency, along with its relaxing sensation.
Crespo spent a lot of time researching and perfecting his product and tells buyers to keep in mind that one milliliter is equivalent to one milligram of THC — a measurement, he says, that allows for easy dosage depending on the desired effect.

What is Pot d’Huile?

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Our core product, Pot d’Huile, is an infused olive oil, available in both high and low concentrations. It is the premiere solution for both culinary professionals and home cooks seeking precision dosing and flavor neutrality.

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By using our Olive Oil as the base ingredient, Pot d’Huile is collaborating with the leaders of a new artisan movement at the intersection of farming, food, and wellbeing. Through our partnerships with the most creative and dynamic talent in the nation, we offer a portfolio of products that bring a luxury experience to those who seek it.

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Our current collaborations range from a chef with Three-Michelin Stars to up and coming artists at the buzziest spots in Brooklyn. Every Pot d’Huile creation has been designed and handcrafted by experts in the culinary world.