Pot d’Huile

We are Pot d’Huile: a collaborative food company that brings infused, gourmet products to life.

Our company began with our hemp-infused olive oil (this is what happens when you live in Northern California—we like all the green things). Over here, we love olive oil. We cook with it all the time—we’re full-time drizzlers. And we believe in the many powers of this extraordinary plant to help give food (and mood) that extra-special something-something. So we set out to make the finest hemp-infused olive oil on the market.

We then developed a CBD-only line of premium products with many of our chef friends, who were inspired to infuse some of their own special sauces and products with our CBD olive oil.

We hope you enjoy browsing Our Collection and get to know our entire product line better—we’d be thrilled to be part of your pantry, and claim a special place in your fridge.

And since we’re going to be friends, we need to get this name pronunciation thing sorted. You can say “poe du wheel,” which is a fun play on a Frenchie phrase that means “pot of oil,” but you can just call us “PdH” for short. (See, we’re already at nicknames.)